We cordially invite you to challenge us.
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Iontank is a specialized design studio that develops interactive art installations and software systems for Fortune 100 companies, award winning ad agencies, world renowned museums, industry-leading exhibition firms and inspiring event producers.

When physical meets digital, we rock. We have an extensive collection of fabrication tools and warehouses full of amazing tech toys at our disposal to help you deliver your most ambitious project to date.

We love our craft. Our crew has a complete mastery of pixels, code, circuits, CNC machines, lasers and soldering irons. We are disciplined craftsmen, coders, designers, techs and artists that happen to be fluent in logistics, can easily read blueprints upside down, understand electrical loads and get the details right the first time. Every time.

Since 2001 we have been helping clients to blow minds and stand apart. We cordially invite you to challenge us. Results are guaranteed.

Think 1 Think 2
Build 1 Build 2
Code 1 Code 2
Tech 1 Tech 2
Gear 1 Gear 2
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